Saturday, April 28, 2007

The celebrity look-alike thing

Some of the text was cut off - it was:
Evangeline Lilly - 67%

Raquel Welch - 64% - I mean these are VERY general comparisons - she has ridiculous bone-structure. I'm not even sure if there are bones in my face.

Maria Menunous - 62% - again, very flattering, and also very not really like me at all.

And THEN, when I did the search again, Anastacia did not come up (I used the same photo), but I got Stefanie Powers 62% (I LOVED 'Hart to Hart'!), and Tyra Banks 61% (what???), and Demi Moore 61%.

Basically it is photos of whomever is tilting their head in the same direction you are.

This is the funniest website, and you can submit different photos, and come up with an entirely different group of "look-alikes". One of my searches included Keanu Reeves. Awesome. I absolutely lost it when I uploaded photos of my friends, and Christine was a 62% match with Haley Joel Osment.