Friday, April 27, 2007

Indulge Mysel..My Charities

So, this whole blog business is totally self-indulgent, and I'm sitting here thinking "hmmm, what do I want to blather on and on about right now?" That is the whole point of these things, no? Yes.

Starting this thing up, I was just having so much fun playing around with the settings, and the font colors, and then adding links and stuff, and now I'm like " now I have to write a journal entry?" I really just want to make more lists of my favorite crap...

I had diaries when I was little. A diary was standard-issue for grade-school girls. "Are you there, God? It's me Margaret", and I SO wanted to be like that. Little Miss Diary Writer. It felt more like a homework assignment, and I pretty much figured that someone would eventually end up reading it - so it couldn't REALLY be my "personal, private thoughts". My diary entries read like this:

Dear Diary, It was cold outside and we went out to play in the snow and grandpa helped us make a snowman and it had a carrot for a nose. See you tomorrow.

Riveting, poignant, revealing, I know.

So, in a pseudo-self-indulgent way, what I REALLY want to do right now is pimp a little for these awesome organizations that I love, and then I can be fully self-indulgent and talk about what I did with them:


A very easy option for me to be a part of: I have good hair; they need good hair; I cut off 10 inches of the good hair, put in a ponytail, and mail it to them; they make a wig for a child who needs hair. This involves little-to-no effort on my part, aside from mailing the ponytail in the Ziploc bag, after suspending my vanity long enough to let someone cut 10 inches off of my hair. Okay, that part does involve SOME effort, since I look like a boy with short hair, and will fuss and whine about it for the weeks following the cut, until it starts to grow out. Who doesn't love a fussy whiner?


Nationally, this is a fantastic organization. I LOVED the first Wish I got to work on - a 13 yr old boy with kidney disease, who was in line for a transplant. He was painfully shy, and very sweet. His first idea for a Wish was a backyard swimming pool. I explained to him that he lives in Seattle. His second idea was for an entertainment center. I managed to score one of those mocked-out massage chairs to go along with the flat-screen TV, stereo, X-Box, etc. His mom said she could NOT get him out of the chair; and when we went for a follow up visit, he was sitting in the chair, playing video games, and smiling. Later found out the transplant was a success =) And speaking of success...


For all the times I've been out, shopping, and become mournful over some unnecessary $400 dress that I couldn't afford, there have been thousands of women who were equally mournful about one work-appropriate outfit to wear to a job interview. A few months ago my awesome friends agreed to dig through their closets, and we ended up with a mammoth haul of suits, shirts, jackets, skirts, pants, etc. Those ladies are going to be looking GOOD at their interviews.