Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Heart New York

Even though it's still in the same country as Seattle, New York city is still a full 5 hour flight away. And that's TRAVELING.

I arrived at stupid, far away JFK on Wednesday at 5:30pm - yes, perfectly timed to coincide with some heavy traffic into the city. Did you know that you leave JFK, drive for a good 15 minutes, and then pass LaGuardia airport? Yeahhhh, that's annoying. At least they don't have one of those billboards reading "If you flew into LaGuardia, you'd be leaving for the city NOW (not 15 minutes ago)".

I spent the hour reading about my Rights as a Taxi Rider, which included the Right to Direct the destination and route used; the Right to driver who knows and obeys all traffic laws; and the Right to a Driver Who Didn't Yammer on his Cell Phone in Arabic the ENTIRE time. Over the 5 days I was in the city, I noticed that all of the taxi drivers are as phone-chatty as I was in high school. Who are they talking to? I thought men hated talking on the phone? Are these guys talking about how they saw Jeff Whyte walking down the hall between second and third period, and he ALMOST made eye contact, and how they're super excited to wear their new satin bubble skirt to the dance tonight, and they hope their parents don't impose a stupid early curfew for no reason, because then how are they supposed to really have a good time at the dance, knowing they'll have to leave early, and Julie Stachowicz's mom said she could stay out until midnight...What was I talking about?

Okay, so I spent the first two nights playing catch-up with my sweet little Ellers, who was my very first roommate in college. She put up with a ridiculous amount of crap from me then, and STILL lets me stay with her when I come to town. AND she agrees to have a shot of awful Irish Whiskey, when the Old Town Bar on 18th doesn't have Jim Beam. She is a champ.

On Thursday, Ellers had to work, so I indulged my cultural side (she doesn't get out much), and went to the Met Museum, and my new favorite place, the Frick Collection. When I move to New York, THAT is where I'm going to live.

LOVE it. Then I spent the remaining two nights tormenting my girl Staci, her boyfriend Rob, and her roommate Adrienne:

I met Staci on safari in Tanzania, and we also spent hours and hours walking around Shanghai, China, so it just seemed really normal for us to walk around Manhattan for hours on end as well. Except this time Staci was our tour leader, and I kept asking "where are we NOW?" every couple of blocks. I know those neighborhoods all just run into each other, and they all have different names. When I took the pink building picture, we were in SoHo =) Staci also humored me when I wanted to walk 20 blocks out of our way to go to the Loehmann's on 16th & 7th. I bought shoes.

We went to the Comedy Cellar on Saturday night, which was completely hilarious. Colin Quinn was one of the comics, and he was totally bombed, but still funny. He was also wearing a North Carolina sweatshirt, which NancyJane would have loved. Staci and I polished off the weekend with a Sunday brunch with my cousin Lars and his girlfriend Sarah. Lars paid - he is also a champ. And New York is awesome.