Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Prefer "Climate Change"

Whatever is going on with the world, climate-wise, "Global Warming" has become such a hot-button, reaction-inducing phrase, that I'm starting to feel like it's politically incorrect. "Climate Change" has a much nicer ring to it, and sounds like it might be a string quartet that you can hire for a wedding ceremony.

I keep hearing people say they don't "believe" in Global Warming. Like it's a leprechaun or something. Whatever you do, or don't believe in... have to admit that we are a pretty messy people, and we produce a lot of garbage/waste, and a lot of pollution. I mean, just go sit in your garage with the door closed and turn on your car...oh wait, no, you shouldn't do that. But really, think about that for a second. That air is NOT clean.

Traveling, sadly, creates lots of air pollution with all the driving and the flying and what have you. Our company just added a Carbon Offset program, where we're going to be offsetting the small-ship expeditions that our clients are taking. Isn't that nice of us? We want to be considered "Carbon Neutral", which sounds like the alternative band that plays at the reception, after Climate Change finishes their minuet at the wedding.

This link is a permanent feature on my blog, but just in case you haven't visited yet:

Oh, by the way, I did the Carbon Offset thing for my flight to New York, and round trip it was only $12. It is almost too easy. I spend $12 on a Grande Non-Fat Chai and an egg-salad sandwich at Starbucks.

The best way to minimize impact on the environment would be NOT to travel at all.

I would rather sit in a garage with the door closed and the car running. Yeccchhhh.