Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lake Titicaca

Yes, it causes 11% of pre-teens to giggle. And 100% of me to giggle. When Card, Kerry, Janelle, and I decided to spend 2 weeks in Peru, I said we HAVE to go to Lake Titicaca. I was hoping they would have t-shirts...

We took a bus to Puno, Peru, which could only be described (by me) as a shithole. Forgive my language, but I just couldn't think of another word that suited it. Here is a shot from our scenic walk into town. It was just gross.

To visit Lake Titicaca, you must go to Puno. There is no way around it. Yechhhhh. But the lake was beautiful, and we hired a little boat, and a captain - complete with fedora and leather jacket... take us to the very cool Isla Flotantes (floating islands), which were like tens of feet of matted reeds, that people actually live on. The Uros people, to be exact.

It was just crazy to walk around, and think "I'm a mere seconds away from just popping right through these reeds into the cold lake water".

The Uros people were basically going about their business, and immune to our charms, as they see many many annoying American tourists on a regular basis. Many annoying tourists, asking to be photographed on one of the crafty reed boats.