Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Bible and my Hot Pocket

Wow, for a blog called "TravelGretta", there haven't been any posts about travel - save those exhausting armchair trips that I took with the Discovery Channel. I have been painfully aware of the lack of travel activity, and then my friend Jon was kind enough to remind me of it on Saturday night, right before he threw an ice cube tray at me. I just haven't had any trips to write about. What to do. What to do.

Since it's Sunday and all, I'm going to look to the Gospel According to Patricia Schultz - aka "1000 Places to See Before You Die

Card got this for me, and I refer to it on pretty much a weekly basis (and really, not just on Sundays). I use it as a checklist. I love making checklists and checking things off. There is just a very satisfying element to this, and it makes me feel like I've accomplished something - anything. Sometimes I'll just make a list of things like "wake up, eat breakfast", if I'm anticipating a truly lazy day. I refuse, however, to make a list of things I've already done, in order to have things to check off. I mean, that is ridiculous. It's a thin line.
This Book is like the Grand-daddy of all lists (that someone else kindly made for me), and it is my job to complete it. I will continue to use this an an excuse for not doing anything else productive. Who has time to learn to cook, get an advanced degree, do the laundry....I have a VERY big list of Things to Do. I will still, however, have time to nurture my obsession with "The Office", as I just download it onto the iPod and watch the episodes during my flights =) I'm an extremely dedicated obsessor.
For some reason, when I talk about my iPod, I adopt NancyJane's Southern accent, and it comes out like "Mah ahPod", which, for some other reason, sounds like "Hot Pocket" to my friends. So they think I am 1) madly in love with my Hot Pocket, 2) have seasons 1&2 of "The Office" on my Hot Pocket, 3) have created mixes called "Running", "Roadtripping", and "Napping" on my Hot Pocket.

Anyway, The Book reviews nearly every place on Earth, and categorizes them as follows:

*Middle East
*Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands
*USA & Canada - and I was going to say "otherwise known as North America", except I forgot about Mexico
*Latin America - I know, I always forget that Mexico is part of North America, because it fits so much better with the other Latin countries. It is all about what makes sense to ME.
*The Caribbean, Bahamas & Bermuda

The only two sections that are completely sans checkmarks are the Caribbean, and the Middle East. It is killing me. Too daunting to tackle those this year, as all my vacation days are accounted for. I'm going to placate myself by going to the New York City section (pages 677-688), and working on completing a few more tasks during my visit this upcoming weekend. I plan to catch up on a few episodes of "The Office" - Season 3 on the flight to JFK, you know, on my Hot Pocket.