Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Portuguese Next-Blog Neighbor

If you're checking out someone's blog (or, okay, indulgently scrutinizing your own blog), you will notice that there is a link at the very tippy top of the page that says "Next Blog". And like a hidden crawlspace door in someone's attic, I HAD to see what was there. So, from my blog, I clicked on Next Blog, and arrived on this cool page that was all in Portuguese (this photo is of Sintra, Portugal, you know - for authenticity). Now, this blogger may actually be in Brazil (and I can't post any of my photos from Brazil, because they are not in digital format yet, but I did think of it!), and I am going to spend a bit more time with next-door blog, and try to figure that out. (wait for it)

I should explain that I have been madly in love with Portugal since around 1996. For no real reason. I didn't actually make it there until last May, but had been dying to go for, well, eleven years! I bought these sandals in Lisbon:

And after spending time in Portugal, and Brazil, and watching some of Rodrigo Santoro's movies...

I am even more in love with Portugal AND Brazil, and all things Porgtuguese, and I have decided that Portuguese is absolutely the most beautiful language ever - with all the shelash, coombshlash sounds. Can you tell I don't speak Portuguese at all? Anyway, isn't that weird that my next-blog neighbor posts in Portuguese? I thought so too.

Well, I thought it was weird, until I tried to go back and visit with my Portuguese-speaking Next Blog Neighbor, and he had moved. Apparently the "Next Blog" changes all the time. Dammit!

I really liked the idea of having someone blogging next door, who I could check in on from time to time. You know, borrow some sugar, maybe learn Portuguese... não é importante.