Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh Happy Chocolate Day

I'm not sure what my horoscope had said for March-May of 1994. I was doing a study-abroad program in Dunedin, New Zealand, and if the horoscope recommendations had anything to do with watching what I ate...

There were fish & chips, cheese & onion sandwiches, giant quesadillas (you know, New Zealand quesadillas), full cream ice cream (think Hagen Daas x10), and then there was Cadbury.

I could not make it through a week without a package of Cadbury Squiggle Top cookies, and the Cadbury bars were everywhere. It was all just so new and exciting and FATTENING. But who cared? My friend Katy and I kept telling ourselves that for our final 2 weeks, we would be hitchhiking, from the South to the North island, and eating only bread and water. That would have been true if "bread" meant "chocolate muffins", and "water" meant "beer".

But before we reached the final 2 weeks, we had one of my Happiest Days EVER. We took a tour of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, in Dunedin.

Our tour was scheduled for noon, and I made sure to "train" by not eating anything before our arrival. I was too excited to eat anyway - I mean, it was a chocolate tour!!!

So they introduced us to the Cadbury factory at the entrance, with a tray of assorted Cadbury chocolates. Then, during the film about how Cadbury was started, they passed around another tray. Twice. Then we continued on the tour of the different floors. On each floor we were given another selection of chocolates. By the second floor, Katy and Ondrea were like "OH God we feel sick", and were refusing their chocolates. Until I jabbed each of them sharply and hissed at them not to turn down chocolate! I put their pieces in my pocket, since I wasn't finished eating my share yet. There were three floors to the tour, and I will admit that I was chocolated-out by the end of the tour. But what a great day.

My June 1994 horoscope may have predicted that none of my pants would fit that month.