Monday, May 21, 2007

Speaking of Brazil

My Portuguese Next-Blog Neighbor (who moved) may, in fact, have been Brazilian. They do speak Portuguese in Brazil, and it sounds just as good.
Some of the things Brazil has going for it:
1) Gorgeous language
Não este som grande?

2) Gorgeous Rodrigo Santoro

3) Capirhinias

4) And, of course, the women:

I was on the Semester at Sea ship, sailing from Havana, Cuba to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Or, as I remember it, from Mojitos to Caipirinhas. Sailing with me were roughly 500 college students. College students are occasionally known to succumb to peer pressure.

There is an ancient maritime tradition of shaving the heads of sailors, when crossing the Equator by ship. Semester at Sea offers this (voluntary) tradition up in the spirit of travel and camaraderie. On my particular trip, there were approximately 20 girls who decided to join in this tradition.

There was much sobbing after the ceremony hubub had died down, and many wails of "I just got so caught up in the moment!". And most unfortunate was that our next port of call was Salvador de Bahia.

My initial reaction to Brazilian women was plain and simple: "Wow, they are like Walking Sex". They were all breasts, hips and hair. LOTS and lots of hair.

Now, two weeks prior to this, I had been to the hairdresser and done one of my Locks of Love donations - meaning 10 inches lopped off. When we arrived in Brazil, I wanted those 10 inches back, and THEN some. When I travel I like to try to blend in as much as possible. Blending in, in Brazil, means hair. I could not imagine being one of those 20 college girls, walking around with naked-scalps (and the requisite dangly earrings, so as not to feel completely masculine).

The funny thing about this was, there was this Brazilian soap opera character who had recently undergone chemotherapy, and had the naked scalp. So everywhere these college girls went, the Brazilian people would shout out "Cristina!" or "Carolina!" or whatever the character's name was, and when the girls figured that out, they thought it was pretty cool.
Cause it's okay to be voluntarily bald if you're famous.