Monday, June 18, 2007

Gray, Grey, Go Away

It is still Allegedly June, and the weather still looks like this:

It is no wonder that they named the TV show "Grey's Anatomy". Gray, grey, whatever, it is not sunny and happy here. If they moved the setting of the show to Santa Fe, they would have to rename it "Red's Anatomy", due to all the red clay and such. And then the focus could be on Dr. Addison Shepherd:

You know, because of the red hair. Although, she is already set to be the focus of the "Grey's" spinoff show, so I digress.

They could move the show to any location now, as I stopped watching it after they moved it to Thursday nights. It was such a perfect Sunday night show.

So, I'm still crabby about "Grey's" on Thursday nights, and still crabby about Gray Seattle in Allegedly June.

I am wanting ANY kind of diversion of a different color. I watched "Shrek 2" over the weekend, just for the technicolor setting, and "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" for, you know, the Caribbean.

With a job in travel, you might be asking yourself: Doesn't this girl get to go anywhere? The answer is "yes". I am leaving Sunday for a cruise in Alaska. I saw this recent footage on YouTube

Apparently it is Allegedly June in Alaska as well. This is how I feel about that: