Monday, June 4, 2007

My Next Trip! Er...Portland...

My parents live in Portland. My sister and her fiancee live in Portland. I drive down to Portland roughly once every three months. Ergo: not a vacation destination.

However, Kerry has corraled our girls for a Girlie Weekend right after the 4th of July. At a charity auction, Kerry bid on a Portland Weekend Extravaganza. If you've ever been to Portland, you'll know that "extravaganza" is a slight misnomer. It is a beautiful city, but vibrant, exciting? Notsomuch. If it helps you to understand where I'm coming from, Gus Van Sant is frequently associated with Portland. Who saw "Drugstore Cowboy"? But it IS very close to Seattle, and it's nice to get out of town with the girls, and spend some time in a different city. Even if that city has precisely the same crappy weather that your city has.

The offer for the free hotel room was quickly snatched up by the vultur...Card, Sally and Alissa. So I ask my mom if it's okay if me, Hi Five and Allison stay at the house for that weekend. "SURE!" she replies, with the genuine enthusiasm of a doting, loving mother.

Relieved that we will have a free place to stay for the weekend, I then confirm with Kerry that we'll be in Portland for the festivities.

So I'm in Portland over Memorial Day Weekend (like I said, once every three months), and in the middle of a tantalizing mouthful of Nut Loaf Dinner (my vegetarian sister was also visiting), my mom says "Oh, by the way, Ellie and Pete might have to stay here that same weekend, so you can't". Ellie and Pete are my sister & her fiancee who live in Portland.


"Well, they have to be out of their house by July 6th, for the new buyers to move in". Um hmmm. I see. "But you already told me that my friends and I could stay here".

"I know, but that was before I knew that Ellie and Pete would need to stay - do YOU want to pay for their hotel room?" Erm, well, no, but now I am going to have to pay for MY OWN hotel room, so what is the difference exactly...I mean other than the fact that I am very clearly not the favorite here?

I, like anyone else when faced with an ethical dilemma, revert to the tried and tested behavior of grade school.

"I asked first, and that should be all there is to it." I say this to no one in particular, and no one in particular hears me as I am back at my apartment, complaining, loudly, to myself.

I understand, now, that every favor granted will only be valid, as long as Ellie doesn't need the exact same favor at the same time.

It's a little like requesting a table at the Ivy in L.A.

Guess which one I am in this scenario.

So I am taking a vacation in Portland. Where I go every three months. But this time I actually have to PAY for lodging there.

Although, it will be with my fun girls, and we will not be eating Nut Loaf.