Friday, June 1, 2007

My Trip to Snarkywood, and back in time...

People, before you fly out to visit Shoe York, please head to Snarkywood.

I don't care that it has been abandoned - the Archives are still very much alive. I'm actually thrilled that I just found the site, and don't have to wait for posts. I'm just working my way backward, and anticipating a laugh-hernia any second now. Is there an ER in Snarkytown? If "yes", I have a sneaking suspicion that these doctors would be on call:

(she doesn't really fit, but I love that Dr. Ruth). And when the hernia is all patched up, or whatever fake tv doctors would do with a hernia, I'd have a ride home waiting:

After reading through a post about teen celebrity loves (I kissed my Shaun Cassidy album when he sang Da Doo Ron Ron, while wearing my lime green Andy Gibb sweatshirt, and dancing around my room in front of my Matt Dillon-collaged door), I am still freaked out that anyone Lu-huuuved the Coreys. Either one.

The summer between my Freshman and Sophomore year of high school, 20th Century Fox brought a project to our school principal and superintendent, and after begrudgingly agreeing that the rating be PG (rather than the R they wanted), Fox decided to shoot "Lucas" at and around our beloved Glenbard West High School. Woo hoo!

That was some big excitement in Glen Ellyn, IL, and created myriad social opportunities for the local teens (that is me - local teen). Okay, "myriad" might be a stretch, but it gave us another option. As in "hey, do you want to ride bikes to the pool, or do you want to go watch them shoot the movie?" We would always choose the movie-shooting option. Particularly after hearing that Chad Lowe had been by the set a few days ago, and MAYBE his brother Rob would stop by too! Or even Tom Cruise - back when Tom Cruise was a non-Scientology-practicing, non-wife-purchasing, non-furniture-abusing cute actor. But I digress. The real issue we teens had with the movie is that no one ACTUALLY famous was in it. We knew Charlie Sheen was Emilio Estevez's brother - big whup. The guys we knew, who shot the football scenes with him said he was a pussy, and cried when he was bonked in the head, once, with the football. Not famous AND not athletic - not to mention, not T-U-F-F.

So one day, Julie Stachowicz and I were walking in front of the school, and this big white van pulls up next to us, and this wormy nerd leans out the passenger side window and leers "How's it GOIN, LAAAAAADIES!" Corey Haim. Not kidding. Also not impressed one bit. #1 - this was his first film, and we only knew him as the little geeky guy playing the little geeky guy in the movie; #2 - do I need a #2 for this?

But I guess, as teens, we all get a little crazy with our crushes. I'm proud to say I no longer have the Matt Dillon collage on my door.