Friday, June 1, 2007

A Shoe Musing boys can understand

On "Scrubs", all the men on the show get all spacy and mentally tune out as soon as they hear women talking about shoe shopping.

When I hear people verbally glorifying NBA players, and pontificating about how supreme they are, I have exactly the same reaction. The amount of money those guys make is obscene. Stephon Marbury and Ben Wallace, however,

deserve every cent of whatever squillion dollar contract I hope they have. If, for no other reason, than their endorsement of the Starbury shoes. The reasonably-priced athletic shoe option for all the cool kids is smart and philanthropic at the same time. Just imagine all those little kids, who idolize these athletes, getting all jumpy and excited at the idea of owning some shoes that will undoubtedly make them amazing basketball players (oh, suspend the disbelief), and then actually being able to afford those shoes. As a shoe freak, I totally get that.

I love this idea, as much as I love that Diet Coke commercial where they're roller skating. Both things make me equally happy.

1) They are shoes

2) they are affordable

3) I am happy

4) The gold ones are my favorite