Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blogger Games

Julia has invited me to play secretillos, Sounds Spanish, no? Like a Spanish cookie. Would you like some secretillos? Yes I would. Con leche, por favor.

In Julia's words: "Secretillos is a game in which we reveal seven truths. It's a little game circulating between blogeros - the taggers and the tagged. Sounds fair to me, considering I don't have much of a profile. Rules:1. Tagged individuals must write seven truths on their blog, as well as the rules of the game.2. They must then tag seven people and list them in their blog.3. You must leave a message on the blog of each of the seven and invite them to visit and play."

Let's see how much of this I can do:
Seven Truths About Me:

1) I was in the movie Lucas
2) I have never dyed my hair
3) Barry Manilow songs make me happy
4) I watch That's So Raven every Saturday morning
5) When I was little, I named one of my dolls Peseuda (???)
6) I can't count

I can't tag other bloggers right now, as I am DYING to post about Scott Baio's new reality show. But if you're another blogger and WANT me to tag you, and participate in the game - let me know.