Friday, July 13, 2007

Coveting the Dress...erm, sort of...

I recently suffered from some serious dress-envy. My friend, Card, showed up to the 4th of July festivities in this A. Dor. Able dress that was all breezy and cute and I just loved it. I followed her around saying "okay, seriously, I love that dress", all the while mentally plotting a closet-raid on Card's townhouse at a later date to dress-nap that sartorial feat of comfy-chic.

(ed. note: I cannot find a downloadable photo of the dress anywhere - my pics from the 4th are on my stupid work computer, and I'm not at work.)

Card has worn the dress several times, and each time garnering more and more compliments (and not just from me - the dress-coveter - from totally normal, non-garment stalkers as well). Wednesday, she wore the dress to work, and was feeling a bit anxious about "showing her knees" (Britney, Paris, Linsday - take notes). She did say the salesgirl had said "you can also wear it with jeans ". So Card went online to Anthropologie's website, just to confirm that she was wearing a dress, rather than a long top...

She found it under "Nighties".

Card, if it makes you feel better:

July 30, 2006
PULSE; Girls' Nightie Out
All around town, women have been buying up nighties from the loungewear department at Anthropologie and wearing them as summer dresses. All the chemises have a breezy femininity, are easy to wear and cost less than $120. Some popular sellers include Rebecca Beeson's cream-colored long-sleeve cotton-jersey nightdress ($118); a linen dress by Eloise, left, with a knotted keyhole neckline and a line of buttons, right, at the back ($78); and an American Vintage cotton baby-doll dress with tiny pleats in the bodice ($118). ''Our hippest customers immediately picked up some of our nighties and wore them as tunics or dresses,'' said Wendy Wurtzburger, the head merchant for Anthropologie. ''When fall comes, we expect them to wear the nighties with a chunky sweater and boots.''