Friday, July 27, 2007

I Would Dare

My next overseas trip will be in October. Yes, Jon Francis, October. Until then, I'll be going to weddings, taking vicarious trips, and blogging about reality TV. I'm sure you'll cope.

(ed. note: Jon seemed particularly intrigued with the Scott Baio show)

I had originally planned to visit Prague, Czech Republic, on my own, for a 10-day trip. However, word got out, and the trip is now me + 4 of my girls, and we've added Bratislava and Budapest to the itinerary.

Thursday, July 19, I send out an email entitled – “Get Excited For Eastern Europe”:

"Some good links:



Budapest (the site "WhatsOnWhen" is great): "


No response, but I assume the girls are digesting the information, and perusing at their leisure. What have we learned about assuming? That's right.

Wednesday, July 25, I received the following email from NancyJane (one of the 4), with the subject: "Prague, etc."

"Do you know this website…
Kind of fun for trip planning."


And then the trail went like this

ME: Someone is not reading the emails I send her about this trip...
I totally sent that link a few days ago! Did you see the email with all 3 destinations, and a link for each? No one commented, so maybe it didn't reach you guys?

NJ: Actually, I think it was on Friday on my day off so I got them on my bberry and it isn’t as fun to look at links on the bberry so I am sure I thought I would look at them when I came into the office on Monday but then I was sick on Monday so I wasn’t in the office and by the time I was in on Tuesday it had moved down to the second page on my aol so I forgot to go back and look therefore I will go look straight away!
That is the world’s longest sentence.

(NJ on her Blackberry. Not reading the emails I send her.)

ME: Aha! So you're NOT reading them. And yes that was the world's longest sentence.

NJ: Hmmmm….You must think I am an idiot… "The site What’s On When is great” I believe you said…oops. Pretty soon when I have more time – I’ll look up fun things for us to do!

ME: Idiot – no
Having of selective attention - yes
Although, I honestly don't think anyone else looked at it either. So much for my efforts...

NJ: You are right, I think we all suffer from selective attention/ADD and you are just more forward thinking then the rest of us.

ME: Can I get that on a t-shirt?
"I am just more forward thinking than the rest"?

NJ: No, and you must double delete that email so there is no written proof that I ever said it.
ME: I'm posting the whole trail on my blog.

NJ: You wouldn’t dare.