Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Mom

My mom is actually a really great mom, and I should explain that, even though she didn't bake me a cake and made me cry for my birthday week, she has done some very sweet and thoughtful things - on a regular basis - in recent years:

  • she bought me one of those windshield blockers for my car (without my asking for it)

  • she saves up all her quarters and gives them to me in a giant ziploc bag - for my laundry

  • she gives me all her unused Starbucks cards

  • when I visit, she packs me a lunch for my drive home

  • she gives me gas money

  • she buys me groceries when she comes to visit

  • she says things like "Christmas is going to be REALLY tight this year" and then goes nuts and buys us truckloads of presents

  • she quit smoking...oh wait, she hasn't done that one yet, but the rest of the list is genuine