Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rich is a Modern Emotive Male

I am uber-busy at work today, but hate the idea of not posting. Particularly since my friend Rich is such an avid reader, and very desperately wants to be mentioned in the blog. So I'm going to cheat and just copy & paste our most recent email conversation.

Subject: Are you back yet?
Because I’m very hurt you make derisive comments about me in your blog…something positive for once PLEASE. I go home crying with the “Rich’s eyes are rolling” comments…harrumph

You love it. You are famous.

But I want POSITIVE comments. Let’s have a post about how GREAT Rich is for once…not “Oh look at the stupid boy”. I have DEPTH…INTERESTS…PASSIONS

Tell us about those please. Then I can blog about them.

I don’t have any…I was hoping you could make that up.

ME (in separate email):
And the rolling eyes one, was really more making fun of me and my shopping stories. And your intolerance for them.

RICH (responding to separate email):
I know…but I figured a little false indignity would spice up your day.

ME (back to request to feature Rich on blog):
Give me a topic and we'll see.

I can’t seem to stop wearing flip flops to the office every day, and I drive a 7 year old Jeep…these are clearly signs that I need to grow up at some point.

That is not a topic. And my car is a 1992. THAT is old. What's wrong with a 7 yr old jeep?

How about "Rich IS a Cosmo Girl"

How about “Rich is a modern emotive male” sounds much better to me…

Oh that totally made me laugh. I'll use that one. But give me some more content! What is your astrological sign? Favorite color? Most thoughtful thing you've ever done for Katie?

(ed. note - Katie is Rich's undoubtedly VERY patient and forgiving fiancee)

I need a little more than "Flip flops" and "Jeep".

I don’t know my astrological sign because that stuff is phooey…blue…I have no idea, you would have to ask her. I don’t want fact, I want INTERESTING

Okay, when is your is typically a boy color...and WHAT??? That is lame. You email her this second and ask her - since you either have early onset Alzheimer's, or have really never done anything thoughtful.


ERGO – Rich is actually not a modern, emotive male.

I am now waiting for Rich to respond to my request for a photo of himself looking either Modern or Emotive. Possibly both. Or possibly, I'll just have to use Daredevil - Adult Large again...