Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Riding Bikes in Ireland

It sounds like SUCH a fun thing to do. I love bikes (but not the ones with the narrow, pointy seats...), and I love riding bikes in foreign countries. Riding bikes in Ireland is definitely something that is on my List.

I was watching the finale episode of "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List"

And in the episode she went to Ireland. She's Irish, you know. And CHICAGO Irish, which is the best. Anyway, the trip was courtesy of the Ireland Tourism Board, and that didn't seem terribly D-List to me. A free trip overseas? I'll take it.

So Mrs. Kathy, and Team Griffin (her very amusing staff of 3) flew off to the Emerald Isle. While there, she was ordained "Town Crier" of Donaghe (I think that's the town?), hosted a gay bingo night, and she then invited anyone named "Griffin" to a pub, in her father's hometown, for a free pint, in honor of said (late) father (who was completely hilarious on the show - RIP John Griffin). Team Griffin had a very full, fun trip, but they did not ride bikes.

I have not yet been to Ireland, but Jon & Joli were just there last month.

Now, Joli had originally explained that they were going to be doing a "bike trip" through Ireland. But she sent me their photos from the trip, and I didn't see any bikes:

Those aren't bikes.

NancyJane was also just in Ireland, last month. She did not have the opportunity to ride bikes either, as she was very busy herding elderly travelers around; trying to keep them all from electrocuting themselves on barrier fences.

Elderly folks + Ireland = Waking Ned Devine:

which I loved-loved-lu-huuuuved. And in that movie, I got to see at least one person riding a bike:

I would like to be clear, in that when I do go to Ireland to ride bikes, that is not how I will be doing it.