Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Best-Dressed List

The September issue of Vanity Fair features their 68th Annual Best-Dressed List, which has been the cause of much dispute/commotion/general silliness.

...which reminded me how badly I want to create my OWN Best-Dressed List, or some semblance of such.

I relish my time spent with the fashion magazines, and televised red carpet extravaganzas. The main reason I ever purchase UsWeekly, Star, InTouch, etc. is because of the big, glossy photos of the fabulous clothing that adorns the Belles du jour of Tinseltown.

My little list here is really just actresses I love, wearing outfits that made me squeal and clutch my hands to my heart when I saw them. I would make an EXCELLENT gay man (or, an excellent charicature of a gay man at any rate).

Okay, now, I must admit, I do not actually love Scarlett Johansson. She is fine, and I did love "Lost in Translation", but must just turn a deaf ear to all other news of her, as the word on the street is that she's kind of trampy. I prefer to think of her as she appears in this photo. This outfit is SO perfectly Old Hollywood. The dress is just gorgeous, and her makeup and hair are perfect.

Jessica Alba always dresses to the nines, and this outfit is no exception, but the reason I chose this, was her earrings. I covet them in the worst way. You may not be able to see them very well, but trust me. They are spectacular. I said the EARRINGS.

Who did NOT gasp in delighted awe when Reese Witherspoon stepped out at the Golden Globes looking like the canary that ate the cheating husband cat? No one. That's who. She looked FINE - the sassy, sharp haircut, and the yellow dress combined with red shoes & jewelry, that was Yellow & Red, but not in the Ronald McDonald kind of way. Nicely done!

Who saw "Dreamgirls"? Me. I did. And Jennifer Hudson deserved every drop of hype that came out of that performance. And just look at her in this sweet number!

Perennial fashion favorite, and my current Netflix maven, Cate Blanchett ("The Good German" is arriving on Wednesday for homework). I'm not typically a fan of black ensembles, but the flowers on the shoes, and the way they complement the neckline of the dress just makes me happy. And did you notice the POCKETS? Pockets on a dress are just about my favorite thing ever.

And when the pockets are on a dress like Renee Zellweger's Carolina Herrera gown, it is like Christmas + my birthday + Chocolate Day. And you can keep chocolate in the pockets of the dress. As long as you keep them wrapped up.

This next one was featured in the "What were they THINKING?" section of UsWeekly or InTouch or one of those. What Debra Messing was THINKING was that this dress is fantastic, and the red hair, gray dress, darling shoes combination of deliciousness would not possibly be lost on anyone with an ounce of style (are you looking at the buttons on the dress, and then the detail on the shoe? Are you?). Does that dress have pockets? It should.

I love Drew Barrymore for making "Never Been Kissed", for dating Luke Wilson, for yanking herself back from the abyss of adolescent addiction, and taking responsibility for herself, and for being a self-described dork, and for a whole bunch of other stuff I've enjoyed hearing her say in random interviews. I also love her for wearing this dress:

I wouldn't say Cameron Diaz was on my list of favorite actors, but I saw this photo and just about died. This dress & accessories combination is like candy. Very, very expensive candy. I LOVE this.

I have been scouring Google for a photo of Sandra Bullock in a gorgeous chocolate brown dress (possibly Oscar de la Renta?) which she wore as a presenter at some awards show a few years ago. This gorgeous chocolate brown dress has become my Moby Dick; my white whale - I cannot find any photos of her in this dress!!! I am now completely bananas, as I have seen her in every other dress she owns/borrowed/whatever. Where is the gorgeous chocolate brown dress??? Help me!!!

This is not it, although this one is lovely.

It is not the gorgeous chocolate brown dress.

My topmost greatness lies in my topmost grief. Stop watching "Hell's Kitchen" and go read "Moby Dick".

And then please find a photo of Sandra Bullock in that dress for me. Pretty please.