Friday, August 24, 2007

Bill Murray, Sweden and A Golf Cart

Alternate title: "Three things I love".

1) Bill Murray: When I was in high school I wanted to marry either Bill Murray, or David Letterman. Both are now married, so is a moot point.

2) Sweden: I am 1/4 Swedish, and therefore love All Things Swedish. Except those stupid Ikea dressers that you have to put together yourself, and then the drawers don't open and close properly, so you are cramming them too full of clothes, and yanking them open, and trying to shove them closed, and your pajamas are spilling out of the top of the drawer, and you end up swearing a lot. My neighbors think "F*cking dresser!" is the name of a constantly misbehaving pet.

3) Golf cart: Who doesn't love golf carts?

Murray was stopped by Norrmalm (Sweden) police while en route from a restaurant back to his hotel, upon suspicion of drunk driving. In a golf cart.

I just think that is funny.