Thursday, August 2, 2007

Communicating with The Parents

With this whole blog business I am surprised by two things:

1) That people actually read this blog

2) That people actually have favorite posts

That is crazy to me. Fun and flattering, but crazy.

Okay, when I say "people", I mean my mom (yes, she has stopped making me cry long enough to give me some positive reinforcement. Just kidding mom! Love you! Need more laundry quarters! Is my cake in the mail?)

The funniest part of this, is that she will click on the little envelope link, at the bottom of a post, and email me the link. To my own blog. That just makes me laugh really hard. So I receive an email that looks like this:

Mom has sent you a link to a blog:

Very, very funny!! One of your best! Love, Your friend, Mom

Blog: Travel Gretta Talks. A Lot. Post: Happy August! Link:

These emails are almost as funny as the voicemails I receive from my dad, where he'll call, and say something extremely brief like "This is your father. Write your Thank You notes. Love, Dad."

He says it like he's signing a letter. You know, one of those "letters composed with care, using a fountain pen" that he's so fond of pretending he writes.

(ed. note: after reading blog post mocking father's dearth of written correspondence, blogger did receive very nicely written letter from said mock-ee. Blogger stands corrected. Now whatever happened to that Chinese character stamp I got you in Hong Kong?)