Sunday, August 5, 2007

EXTRA! Unnecessary Pimping!

I turned on Extra last night, in the hopes of hitting that so-bad-it's-good celebrity gossip high that I so often try to avoid. Instead of features on Eva Longoria's extravagant honeymoon, or Britney's hair plugs, they were doing some sort of odd dating extravaganza called "America's Most Eligible"...

It is absurd to me that the media continues to pretend that guys like this:

are having so much difficulty finding dates, that they need to be featured on a nationally syndicated celebrity-gossip show, in order to offer even more exposure than they normally get with their regular, everyday celebrity/gorgeous man status.

Absurd, I say.

And every episode of "The Bachelor", or even my current favorite "Age of Love"? Same level of absurdity. These guys are all incredibly attractive, fit, successful, blah blah blah. Why is it interesting to watch them succeed (yet again) with women, on television?

The show I LOVE to watch is "Beauty and the Geek". Now that is some satisfying TV. It is particularly rewarding to watch the "Geeks" go from awestruck/dumbfounded adoration of the "Beauties", to realizing that some of the Beauties really don't deserve their time and/or attention. This is a photo of the Geeks from the most recent season:

(I am really enjoying my feeble attempt at "painting" a slogan on this, via Photo Editor...I'll practice. I promise. Especially the "S"s.)

Aren't they sweet? Now, THESE boys could use some assistance in hooking up. "Extra!" A little help here?