Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy August!

There are a couple of things I always do at the beginning of each month (in addition to forgetting to pay my rent on time):

1) Turn my calendar

2) Check my monthly horoscope

At work we all have different calendars at our desks. Mine and Amanda's are travel-related, and have a new destination featured each month. Yesterday I said "Okay, let's say that whatever destination is featured for August will be our next trip". Amanda said "That sounds scary". I was like "Nuh unh, we have fun Europe calendars!"

Amanda's was Amsterdam. Mine was Budapest. I am already GOING there (in October) - isn't zat VEEERD?

I have no idea why I continue to check my monthly horoscopes. They are always wrong. My horoscope for August said this:

"Romance will not be a major theme this month" (what, no borrowing sugar from Friendly Neighbor Cute Guy???)-

"you seem to be more focused on money and career, and possibly travel." (always)

"If you are single, your best ways of meeting someone new would be at work" (I work in an office full of women), "with a coworker who works on your level" (um, no).

It also said this:

"The month will end with a rather wild full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces on August 28. The aspects to this eclipse are due to be difficult because Saturn will orbit so close to this moon, and Uranus will oppose Mercury directly."

Uranus will oppose Mercury directly. I'm sure there is an inappropriate rectal thermometer joke in there somewhere, but I'm going to ignore it.