Thursday, August 16, 2007

If Prince Was a Travel Agent

I occasionally have to work with travel agents. Their job is supposed to make my job easier - i.e. clear communication with the clients, streamlined processes, etc. This really only happens 50% of the time, and the other 50% is full of headache-inducing emails like this:

"Hi: HOW GOES IT?? I hope well W/U !!

The 3Joneses/Kenneth/Sarah/Kimberly and 2Smiths/Jack/Vicky arriving 11/5/06 will NOT NEED transfer and assist on this one portion as it will cause problems with the pre pkg. l would really appreciate this one leg to be handle with the pre-pkg that l am arranging. I understand that they will receive a Egyptian visa credit of $15.00.p.p. and l hope a one way transfer and assist credit of $ ??for not using the services on 11/8/07-the beginning of the Land tour, Correct?? Please let me know about this , but the rest of the features, services are still applicable i.e no goof up on their meet and assist with visa for Jordan and the transfer back on 11/26/07 from Amman airport with the airticket to Sharm el Sheik! THANK U so much. Imed."

Or as I would have him sign it: Travel Agent Formerly Known as Imed.

You may think that you don't understand the email, because you are not familiar with the Egypt/Jordan program. Trust me, that is not the problem. I'm going to take 5 Tylenol now.