Saturday, August 11, 2007

Marc Jacobs Shoes

These are my new favorite things:

I am fully aware that not everyone will share my feelings.

But when I LOVES a pair of shoes, I LOVES a pair of shoes.

Signs that the universe meant them specifically for me:

1) They were the only pair of their kind on the rack, and they fit me perfectly.

2) They were originally $415, then marked down, then marked down some more, then 80% off, plus my 15% off coupon. Final price $50.

3) I couldn't wait until I got dressed to go out to wear them, so I wore them around my apartment, in my robe.

4) While wearing summer white waffle robe, and fabulous new Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, I checked my closet, and discovered that I have at least 8 items that match the shoes.

5) They make me TALL.

6) I do not want to take them off.

I'm now wearing them with summer pink pajamas.