Saturday, August 25, 2007

September - Studying My Fashion

September is approaching, as was announced by the thirty pounds of magazines I recently received in my mailbox. And I don't even subscribe to Vogue.

I know Vogue is the be-all, end-all, Official Bible of Fashion, but frankly it is just too elitist and pretentious for me. When I had a subscription to Vogue, I would file the issues under "Things That Make Me Feel Bad About Myself".

I do, however, completely relate to and enjoy Harper's Bazaar

And InStyle

I can't quite put my finger on why these publications affect me differently than Vogue (fewer photo montages of society people I've never heard of, but who are apparently100 times more fabulous than I), but they do. And I love them.

This month, InStyle weighs in at 618 pages, and Bazaar at 574. One thing that stood out in these two issues is that Kate Moss is featured in no fewer than four major ad campaigns. Although not in photos like this:

Note to Britney Spears:

Find out who Kate Moss's publicist is, and hire her. Immediately.

I mean which is worse: a cocaine addiction or a bad hairdo?

So this is what I learned from my September magazines:

1) It is possible bounce back from a drug scandal, and make more money than you had ever made before in your modeling career (hopefully not to support the supposedly cured drug habit).

2) You will need a full 12 hours to get through Bazaar and InStyle in one sitting.

3) Peep-toe, lace-up booties are hot footwear for fall.*

*This was the most disappointing news I've had since Lindsay fell off the wagon. Fall was supposed to be the time I could let my pedicures lapse. Pfft.

4) Invest in all kinds of patent leather...

And to show that I can apply what I've learned (in this case, even before I read about the whole patent leather thing):

Retail - $99

Marked down - 80%

Coupon - 15%

I paid - $17

I'd like to request some extra credit homework now.