Monday, August 20, 2007

Staying Home Sick

When you feel like doody, and have only enough energy to drag yourself out of bed, down the hall to the living room, and up onto the couch, there really isn't too much you are able to accomplish.

Being sick on the weekend is annoying for these reasons:

1) You can't call in sick to work. Although I am officially out of sick days until September 4, so that wouldn't have worked anyway. But still.

2) You can't run any of the errands you had been putting off all week. You know, because you'd have had plenty of time to do them on the weekend. If you weren't sick.

3) If you don't have good DVDs to watch, you are completely at the mercy of the programming fairies at the various local and cable broadcasting stations. I got lucky.

Thank you to TBS for showing "Getting Played".

I had no idea that I could enjoy a movie with Vivica A. Fox and Carmen may have been the illness, but I liked it.

And thank you for following that with "Blue Streak" co-starring my pretend boyfriend, Luke Wilson. In one of the scenes I could have sworn he turned to the camera and said "Would you like me to bring you some chicken soup?"

Yes, I would like that chicken soup. And please leave the bulletproof vest on...

And also a huge thank you to the Oxygen Network (for women) for showing what has quickly ingratiated it's movie-self into my "favorites" category, despite the mediocre reviews I had read:

Even the TVGuide channel roasts it a little. I thought the brief synopses attached to the shows and movies were just supposed to be very general, and completely objective. I clicked on the movie title, and it said "Strained romantic comedy charting the relationship of two strangers (Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet) who have a fling on an airplane and keep running into each other over the next several years..."

"Strained"? Like, the way I prefer my orange juice? Without the gross floaty pulp? Which makes it much easier to swallow, and really very delicious? Yeah, that's what I thought they meant.

I a lot like love this movie. The first time I saw it, in the theater, I was like "I totally want that soundtrack". Since then I've seen it, on cable, a few more times. The more I watch it, the more I love it. Compared to so very many other romantic comedies, it is realistic, funny, and totally endearing.

I also a lot like love the soundtrack.