Thursday, August 30, 2007

Training for the MENS - Episode 2

We are now on to Episode 2 in the Training.

Today's episode: Please, no ambushing. MENS, when you have pseudo-date with neighbor, and pseudo-date very obviously does not go well (painful, awkward silences, lack of common interests, retainers on counter), subsequently pre-empting possibility of second pseudo-date, it is best not to seek out another "chance" encounter with said neighbor.

Although MENS' apartment may be directly over building's garage, and MENS will most likely hear particular automobiles as they pull into their parking spaces, immediately beneath MENS apartment, under no circumstances should MENS take it upon themselves to stage calculated ambush by exiting apartment into stairwell at precisely same moment that former-pseudo-date is entering stairwell from garage, resulting in completely unnecessary, and not-so-pseudo awkward encounter in stairwell.