Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You Know What's Fun?

The Blogiverse...

...where people you have never met before just reach out and give you a solidarity hug/chuck on the chin/thwap to the forehead. LOVE it!

Sending a Whoop Whoop (yep, just like at da club) out to Stacy, whose engaging blog is full of posts about delicious pizza and photos of her ridiculously hot boyfriend. And when you get right down to it...do you NEED anything else? I think not. Does Kevyn have a brother? Cousin? Young-ish uncle? Old-ish nephew? I'm just asking.

And sending a HOLLA GIRL (I am SO street) out to Julia who went completely comment-crazy today, which I love.

I would also like to give props to everyone else who makes me laugh. Like my dad, who stubbornly refuses to leave comments on my blog, but sends me emails like this:

"Are unemployment payments subject to Federal and State taxes? Are those taxes automatically withheld from your payments? Third (now that I have your attention) Have you ever read the novels of Anothony Trollope during your school days?

Love, Dad"

And like my girl, Debs, who likes to remind me that it's okay to be single, when the alternative might be this:

I've got $10 that says that guy leaves his retainer on the bathroom counter.