Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bachelor

Last night (in addition to "The Biggest Loser"), I watched "The Bachelor", which I had taped on Monday,

and a documentary on PBS about the poor treatment of black factory workers, in Mobile, Alabama, during World War II.

Guess which one made me cringe more?

I'll give you a hint:

  • Girl taking off shoes and showcasing webbed toes.

  • Girl donning yoga pants under satin gown and showing that she could put ankles behind head.

  • Girl singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas", acapella, and off-key, while presenting own yellow rose to Bachelor...
OOPS! Did that give it away?

Why do I continue to watch this show? Why? I did manage to successfully avoid the last season, with Bachelor-Andy-someone. I think I watched the first two episodes, and Andy seemed so very uncomfortable in front of the cameras, that I was too embarrassed (on his behalf) to continue watching, and thus decided to use my time more wisely. I'm not really sure what that means, exactly, as I most likely just found another TV show to watch...probably "Sunset Tan".

But I digress. I might stick with this one, as Bachelor-Brad seems to have a good sense of humor, and did eliminate most of the girls I found to be annoying and ridiculous - one who actually took out one of her chicken-cutlet breast pads and placed it on the coffee table while slurring something about how "sweeeeeet" Bachelor-Brad was.

Bachelor-Brad is also from Austin, Texas, and I just love that laid-back, slow, drawly thing those boys have going on. (See notes on Pretend Boyfriend, Luke Wilson).

So, I guess I'm "excited to take this journey" with Bachelor-Brad and his ladies. Groan.