Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Britney - Not "Full Out"

Okay, I still haven't seen the entire thing - complete with sound (not that it would matter, as I'm sure it was lipsynched) - however, the clip I watched looked like a very lazy dress-rehearsal of what was supposed to be an actual performance.
When I was co-captain of my high school's pom squad (judge away, it was fun and totally worth it), and we needed to rehearse the same section of a routine like 20 times in a row, we would allow the squad to half-ass it with abbreviated arm movements, and walking through the moves, rather than running/skipping/jumping. When we put all rehearsed sections together, the instruction would be "Okay, now do it Full Out", and we'd cue up whatever Billy Idol song it was we were bouncing around to, and do it Full Out.

Britney. For crying out loud. That was supposed to be an actual PERFORMANCE. Of the ENTIRE ROUTINE. And I'm no accountant*, but I'm guessing you were being paid something slightly above minimum wage for the 5-minute (or however long it really was) piece of, um, artistic expression?

That was incredibly bad form, and you'd totally get Topperette demerits, and would probably be benched from halftime if you pulled that crap with the Billy Idol routine. Now, get your ass back in kick-line, and do it Full Out. And if you "forget" to wear your greenies under your skirt again, you'll be on towel duty until basketball season.
(*Ed. note: Not an accountant, to be added to very long resume of things am not.)