Thursday, September 6, 2007

Her Watching Too Much TV Again

I KNOW!!! GAAAHHHH! Oh well. So last night I finally found where they had been hiding "Newport Harbor" (Wednesdays, 10PM ET/PT, MTV), the just-as-delicious follow-up to "Laguna Beach". I was childishly thrilled that they are using the same Hilary Duff theme song, and the same original score (is that what you call it when it's a cheesy teen reality show, rather than a grand-scale Oscar-caliber film?. Please stop me before I start drawing parallels between "Newport Harbor" and "Chariots of Fire".)

I am gleefully embarrased to admit that I loved "Laguna Beach" almost as much as "The Office". The horror! And the delight:

And it seemed to vanish into thin air, right after Kendra and Cammie and those kids graduated. Wha happon???

Again, I'm too lazy to Google around for the dirt on why the show shifted beaches: Did MTV tire of shooting at that one Italian restaurant in Laguna, where the kids would always go on their dates? Did the kids' parents finally freak out about their offspring being completely overexposed during their most embarrassing formative years? (I cannot express the utter and complete relief that cameras did not follow me around between the ages of 15 and 18). Who knows?

What I do know is that "Newport Harbor" is, thankfully, exactly the same as "Laguna Beach",

...just with a different group of privileged teens, and different backyard hot-tubs, and different models of Mercedes.

But I miss the word "Laguna". It's just so romantical. Romantical is another good word. And it totally describes Clay and Chrissy's relationship.

I may need an intervention.