Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Heart Fall (Autumn, whatever)

I was actually surprised when "Biggest Loser" popped up on my TVGuide list for last night. Since it was close to 90 degrees yesterday, I think it's still summer. I'm wrong. Fall is really here. What does this mean?

1) Pumpkin chai and muffins at Starbucks

2) "The Office" starts soon

3) I can start wearing my boots

4) My sister's wedding is less than 2 weeks away

(Did you notice that the sign even looks like it's pointing to "two weeks away"? Although in the wrong direction, but whatever.)

5) Eastern Europe trip is less than 5 weeks away

I am now completely overwhelmed with things to be excited about. So here is how I plan to combine the above exciting happenings:

*Get pumpkin chai & muffin at Portland Starbucks to consume while watching rerun of Spring finale of "The Office" on September 20 while sitting & getting manicure for Ellie's wedding - during commercials, browse Prague guidebook, while shouting out Czech phrases and stomping around living room in boots.


*Download new "Office" episodes to iPod, and and watch during flight to Europe in October, while wearing boots on plane, and browsing through photos from Ellie's wedding. Upon arrival in Switzerland,stop at Starbucks in Zurich airport for pumpkin chai & muffin (I checked - they totally have one).

Neither of these options are entirely feasible, as my manicure appointment is not on Thursday, but Friday, September 21 (first option); and there is just no way I would be able to save "The Office" episodes to watch until my flight in October (second option). I am chomping at the bit as it is. Thus, the realistic option will be:

*Fritter away money on pumpkin chai and muffin each and every day leading up to October 16 flight to Prague; watch "The Office" when it starts on September 27, and every Thursday following; enjoy Ellie's wedding on September 23; and, upon arriving home TODAY, put boots on and stomp around the apartment. That will let all the neighbors know that Fall is HERE.