Friday, September 14, 2007

Kim Kardashian - unnecessary plastic surgery

If you were lucky enough to be born looking like this:

What, in the name of Maxim & Stuff magazine's Hot Lists, would make you spend several thousand dollars on plastic surgery to make you look like this:

My very unofficial diagnosis is that Kim Kardashian had both rhinoplasty and a lip reduction.

Why? Why? Why?

I am not saying that she now looks bad, in any way. But she was absolutely stunning before. I had only known her as being one of Paris Hilton's friends, but if you Google her, there are pages and pages of sites that go on and on about how hot she is.

If you were receiving that much press for how fantastic you looked, why would you go to somewhat great lengths to change that??? I am beyond confused???

Thought process:

"I am just way too attractive. I mean, truly ridiculously gorgeous. Men's magazine's feature me in their "HOTTEST" issues, and I am not even famous for anything - other than tagging along with Paris when she was avoiding press about that little home movie she made. Oh, and recently, a little home movie I made was accidentally leaked..."

Okay, maybe that is it. She is so humiliated by the publicity from the sex tape she made with Ray J (please take away my television set and tabloid magazines - there is no reason I should know who these people are), that she has decided to change her face in hopes that she will no longer be recognizable...

But, I don't think that's it. I think it's the crazy plastic culture of L.A., where getting plastic surgery to Los Angelenos is akin to people everywhere else getting their nails done.

Because when I go to my nail place for a pedicure, and those cute little Vietnamese ladies look at my hands and say "OH, and MANICURE TOO!", and I politely decline, to which they respond by tsk-tsking and looking at each other with shared disgust...I can only imagine the trip to the plastic surgeon's office, and all the tsk-tsking they are doing, in order to schedule as many totally unnecessary procedures, for you, as possible.

Card, I hope you are paying attention. Step away from the scalpel, and no one gets hurt.