Wednesday, September 5, 2007

LA Ink

I arrived home last night, post-workout, and needed to sit in front of the TV and stretch. No one likes to cramp up. I caught the tail end of my Grown-Up Crush's show, and then could not find ANYTHING else to stretch to. And I don't mean that in a dirty way.

But, seriously, there was nothing remotely (pun intended) interesting to watch, on the channels I normally troll. These may or may not include the Disney Channel. Stop judging. So I was on the ABC Family channel, and decided to go BACKWARDS on the remote - I NEVER go backwards from ABC Family. And what do you know? It's TLC. I forget how much I enjoy the TLC, as it is not in my normal rotation. It is, however, the channel that appears when I turn my TV on after Card has been housesitting for me.

So, last night, I ended up watching 3 back-to-back episodes of "LA Ink". (I realize that sounds like an awful lot of stretching, but it did also include a few sit-ups and leg-lifts.)

LA Ink follows Kat von D(above) and her fellow tattooers (my word) Pixie, Hannah, Kim, and the token male, Corey, and the daily goings on at Kat's shop. I am not a tattoo girl, and didn't think this show would interest me, but you know what? It did. I should not be so surprised, since reality shows are all about people, and I loves me some people-stories.

The people in "LA Ink" are covered in tattoos themselves, and Pixie has pierced cheeks, (which freaks me out a little) and I would probably feel like an uptight soccer mom if I had to stand next to them at a club. But since I was just stretching in front of the TV, I totally fit in. And I loved watching the ins and outs of the tattoo parlor (parlor? salon?): the clients who came in, and the incredibly artistic tattoos that went out, which were carefully crafted by the LA Ink crew. Clients would bring in photos or drawings and the tattoo artists would recreate them on some random body part, and it was truly astounding to see what they could do.

Check it out, next time you're stretching on Tuesdays at 10pm, PST.

I am still not going to be a tattoo girl, though. I'll just continue to use magic markers.