Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday - recuperation and vicarious honeymoon

Am still battling massive head cold that has plagued me since Thursday - boooo! Who likes a head cold? Nobody, that's who. Especially not during the Fletchenie Wedding Extravaganza Weekend.

Fletchenie = Fletcher + Steffenie. They're totally just like Brangelina, with fewer children. They just have their dog, Sophie.

Fletchenie is off to the Maldives for a fantastic honeymoon tonight, so naturally I am taking a vicarious vacation with them. Staying in a separate bungalow, of course. The bungalow in my head. It's crowded in there, what with the head cold and all. But I'm so excited for the trip! And I won't even have to wear a bikini!

The Maldives are located on the Equator, in the Indian Ocean. They are also located in this photo, and now in my head. No passport required for photo or inside of head.

While I cannot actually go to the Maldives right now, I am assuaged by the fact that summer has finally arrived in Seattle. A couple of months late, but I'll take it. Forecast for this week? Sunny and 80s. It's about time!