Friday, September 7, 2007

No Time

Must leave for mani/pedi appointment in 10 minutes. Then bridal luncheon for Most Fabulous Bride Steffenie, at noon. Then, hopefully nap (please, please, please nap). Then wedding rehearsal at 4pm. Then wedding rehearsal dinner at 6:30pm.

Am exhaustified just writing all that down. It is so a word. Am not good at handling the Busy Schedule Day, as evidenced by yesterday's full-work day segue into dress-up-in-sailor-themed-attire-for-cruise-around-Lake-Union-and-Washington. Managed to dash out door 5 minutes before was supposed to be there, conveniently forgetting directions and phone.

Want to be Britney - spending leisurely day driving around town, stopping periodically at gas stations.

*How this is travel-related: I will be traveling to appointment/luncheon/rehearsal. Hopefully will have dreams about traveling, while taking nap (please, please, please nap).