Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Degree From JOSH - VMA Reporter

Okay, check this out. My awesome friend, Josh,

(here is where I would normally insert a cute photo of me and Josh in Koh Tao, Thailand. I visited him, while he was working at Big Blue Diving, and got my PADI certification with a 4-day open water course. If I had actually gone to the drug store photo counter and did what I was supposed to do this weekend and loaded my print photos onto a CD, you would be looking at a fun Thailand me & Josh photo. Many apologies.)

had said something about his latest whirlwind travel extravaganza, and mentioned "partying like a rock-star" in Vegas. I was assuming he just meant that, in the way that we all mean it, like when we put our stripper heels on and go out dancing and have 12 shots of tequila, and end up hugging all our friends in that smoochy, sweaty way, and saying "I luuuuurrrrv youuuuuuuu" all night. No. Josh ACTUALLY partied LIKE a rock-star, WITH rock-stars at the VMAs.

And, Josh, are you effing kidding me - you bought Adrian Grenier a mojito???

Read, and learn:

And, Josh - WTF - this is the first I'm hearing about your blog??? Promise me you didn't fake an Australian accent for this.

For those of you, counting out there, that is a total of six question marks for Josh.