Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Owen Wilson's 24/7 Dude

In other non-travel-related news today, Owen Wilson is apparently not going to rehab, but instead has hired a Sober Dude to accompany him 24/7, at a rate of $750/day.


Where the hell was the memo for that job posting???? I can TOTALLY be 24/7 Sober Dude Girl-in-comfy-clothes-who-could-pass-for-dude-if-necessary. That is $21,000 per month. To spend every day with this guy:

And I'd probably have to travel with him, accompany him to movie sets, have a few family dinners with the Wilsons (wink wink)...and all I'd have to do would be to keep a close eye on Owen, and make sure he didn't try to harm himself, and make sure no one tried to give him drugs?


Have you ever seen someone try to take chocolate away from me? I can be a bruiser when I need to.