Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pick A Lane

I love the demand to "pick a lane", particularly when it comes from one of my favorite blog-friends. Bliends. My word.

Landis is such a cupcake, and I so love that he occasionally pretends I resemble Eva Longoria. (Am very confident that Ms. Longoria would be none-too-pleased with the comparison. insert Simpson's character, Nelson's "HA HA" here.)

I'm also madly in love with Landis' dogs. I run around showing people photos of the dogs, and saying things like "Aren't my dogs just the absolute cutest things you've ever seen?" I use the word "my" loosely. I covet those doggies like I covet last season's Bottega Veneta platform sandals:

So "pick a lane" came up with my Biggest Loser post, when Landis informed me I cannot spend time both sobbing on the treadmill, and fixating on pumpkin chai and muffins. I am here to say "oh but I can".

I loved the movie "A Room With a View":

And "Malibu's Most Wanted"

I loved the memoir "A Cambodian Odyssey"

And the pretend memoir "Bridget Jones' Diary".

I will stomp around in my black suede Dolce & Gabbana loafer-pumps, and then charge into my black rubber Reef flip flops when the resulting blisters start to throb. (photos of shoes on home computer - many apologies - use your imagination - they are black shoes).

A lovely formal evening at the Ballet, with Michelin-rated dining experience? Or raucous Cubs game with beer and hot dog?

Yes, please.

I cannot be restricted to one lane. As I have explained before, I am mildly claustrophobic, and need to be able to move about life's highway freely and easily.

I think, if I use my directional as required, I may do this and lead a well-rounded existence. Now leave me in peace, so I may finish my lunch of cottage cheese and strawberries. I'm having Ben & Jerry to dinner tonight.