Sunday, September 30, 2007

Preparing You For October

Monday is Day 1 of October.

1) Change your calendar - my kitchen calendar is from the Lonely Planet, and October is "New England".

2) Check your horoscope - AstrologyZone

3) Put a sweater on - the high is going to be 57.

4) Start shopping for a Halloween costume. If you wait too long, all that will be left at the costume shop will be Naughty Nurse, Naughty Schoolteacher, Naughty Girl Devil, and that holey sheet that Charlie Brown had to wear.

5) Pick out a pumkin

6) Carve him into a Jack O'Lantern. I know it is supposed to be "jack-o-lantern", but when I Googled it, I inadvertently spelled it as if it were some sort of cavalier Irishman.

You could just carve the pumpkin into some semblance of a leprechaun, and then name him Jack O'Lantern.

What would you suggest for October preparation?