Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Silver Lining Is In My Pants

Doesn't that sound naughty?

Hating today. LOADS.

Must focus on happier things. Find the silver lining, blah blah:

1) Chai-as-breakfast (loves my Starbucks peeps at California & Fauntleroy - they are FAB and always remember my drink order).

2) Happy Outfit today (after wearing jeans for three consecutive non-Fridays himself, boss finally agreed to allow us to do likewise):

Gray cashmere Cynthia Steffe tunic sweater that I found for $10 at Marshalls. You heard me, $10. Photo below was reasonable facsimile of said tunic sweater, although is not same. Also is not gray, but very similar style.

And Paper, Denim & Cloth inky dark skinny jeans - also purchased at Marshall's, for $50. That's right, $50. $50 is not quite as exciting as $10, but is still exciting due to fact that Friend Allison recently went jeans-shopping and the least expensive pair at Nordstrom was $170. $170 is a far cry from exciting. Although idea of spending $170 on jeans does induce heart-palpitations. Heart-palpitations are pretty exciting.

Have happily accessorized outfit with mulberry-colored pashmina-as-scarf (office is like meat locker), and mulbery-colored Via Spiga open-toed heels (office is like meat locker, but pedicure looks really good - would be shame to cover up. Shoe photos on home computer - could not find reasonable facsimile photo on Google).

Whew! I feel better already. And my Marshall's coups reminded me of a theory I have:

There is a completely crazy lady who sits in that back room at the Marshall's with the Red Clearance Sticker gun. At random times throughout the week, Crazy Red Clearance Sticker Gun Lady will dial the numbers down to "15" or "10", or even "3"* and then go nuts stickering the price tags of clothing items (I swear to God I got a great pair of wide-leg, chocolate brown Limited corduroy pants for $3).

I imagine Crazy Red Clearance Sticker Gun Lady to look a little bit like Mango:

But more conservative, possibly in an ivory sweater-set, pearls, and a gray wool A-line skirt. After all, it's Marshall's, not Forever 21. But she is still totally crazy, with wacky red lipstick lined way around her mouth, and she lives in a large cage, decorated with very discounted Marshall's furniture, like those leather ottoman cubes and decorative coffee tables.

She also has a crazy twin sister who lives in the back room at TJMaxx, because I found a Laundry red jersey, full length, spaghetti strap dress, complete with Crazy Red Clearance Sticker, for $15. I may wear that tomorrow.