Friday, September 28, 2007

Smith Tower's Wishing Chair

I'm doing a partial-poach of a blog post. My friend Kim has a great "I met my fiance on the internet" story. In a nutshell, they "met" on OKCupid (which has some totally funny quizzes that you can do, and you may completely ignore the dating aspect of the know, if you're the kind of person who puts absolutely no effort into meeting boys, but spends all her time finding out important things like "Which Classic Dame Are You"? - and it may or may not have been Katherine Hepburn), and Henry lived in England. Kim flew out to England to visit him in November 2006, and the rest is history. And in the history is this very cute tale.

The Smith Tower was built in Seattle in 1914 and was the tallest building on the West Coast until the 1960s. You can read all about it here.

(view from Smith Tower)

At the very top of the Tower is an observatory, and in the observatory is a chair that was given to Mr. Smith by the Empress of China.

I imagine the chair to look something like this (but it probably doesn't):

The legend goes that a single woman who sits in the chair and wishes to get married will be wed within a year. One day in June 2006, when Kim was feeling particularly low, she looked up and saw the Smith Tower and remembered hearing that legend. She knew it was silly, but it was a beautiful day and she thought, "I'll just go take a look at the view and if I get a chance, I'll sit in the chair and feel like an idiot for a few minutes - it couldn't hurt." Needless to say, she sat in the chair and felt like an idiot.
(Ed. note: Idiot-schmidiot - dating in Seattle is ridiculous.)

Kim was recounting the story last night, and explained that she had gone up to the observatory by herself, and that all the staff people totally knew what she was doing when she sat in the chair, and were watching her (and prolly judging). Whatevs, staff peeps, Kimmy's got a ring on her finger. She and Henry were engaged in June 2007. That Chinese Empress was not messing around, and probably meant to say "Single lady will be at least engaged, if not wed, within one year".

Naturally, Kim has turned into one of those couplie girls who now wants all of us to be parts-of-couples as well, so she's been yelling at us to "GO SIT IN THE CHAIR!!!"

I've got some free time this weekend. The invitations will go out next September.