Monday, September 3, 2007

Travel Shopping

Since it's September, all I can think about is Back-to-School shopping. And since I no longer attend school, it is just really just Back-to-Shopping.

I also haven't written anything travel-related since the Vietnam shopping post, which reminded me...I have been shopping in a bunch of other countries too. Let's see what I bought.

Some of you will remember the skirt & top from Brazil

Location: Barra mall in Bahia, Brazil

Item(s): Skirt & Top

Price: I think it was around $16, but I'm not sure...

And some of you will also remember the dress from Vietnam

Location: Tailor shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Item: Silver dress

Price: $27

And who could forget my sandals from Lisbon, Portugal?

Location: shoe shop in Lisbon, Portugal

Item(s): sandals

Price: $17

But wait, there's more.

I was staying in the Galapagos Islands for one week, doing ship inspections of the boats we work with, and I would pass a number of shops on my way from the hotel to the dock. I found it my duty to support the locals.

Location: shop on Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

Item: white embroidered tunic

Price: $17

A group of us took a taxi from Penang, Malaysia, and then a ferry boat to Pulau Pangkor for a few days of vacation. In between sitting on the beach, and dining on arguably the best food in the world, I found a couple of shiny things.

Location: beach shop on Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia

Items: Wrap skirt & top, and wrap skirt

Price: I can't remember, but I do remember being confounded at how shockingly inexpensive these things were.

When I lived in Korea I would frequent the gargantuan markets, and spend hours wandering through the clothing stalls. Since I had learned to speak Shopping Korean, I was able to bargain with the shopkeepers, and ended up with a great dress.

Location: Namdaemun Market - Seoul, South Korea

Item: Red dress

Price: $20

There was an excursion in Granada, Spain while I was on a Mediterranean cruise. I was on the cruise for work, and everyone else was on it for retirement leisure and was therefore 70-90 years old. I snuck away from the snails pace of the tour and found a cobblestone alley with shops.

Location: Granada, Spain

Item: Black, embroidered shirt

Price: $20

I know, I know. I should really iron that white sheet that I use as a backdrop for my extremely artistic photos. Uff. Just so much work.

Our Girl's Trip to Eastern Europe is rapidly approaching. I'll have to learn a few phrases in Czech and Hungarian. Something like "What? You'd like me to have those shoes for free? Well, that seems crazy, but thank you so much!"

I think that will be the most useful phrase.