Saturday, September 1, 2007

What Do You Think This Is - A Passive Blog?

I received a voicemail from my mom today, saying she was "worried" as I have not posted anything since Thursday. What I have NOT received is one single response from the MENS assignment I gave you. And when I say "you", I mean you. You, reading this right now. Yes, you. Go over to the mirror, look into it, and say "Me?". YES YOU!

Do you think this is just a forum for me to wax whatever about the minutae of my days? No sir. There will be occasional homework assignments for you. YES YOU, DID YOU NOT READ THAT FIRST PART?

Am I being bossy? Good.

There will be no Math, but there will be definite homework assignments. I'm not posting anything until I get at least one attempt, at creating a definition for MENS, from you. Yep. That same "you" we've been talking about for the past few minutes. I'll give you an example to help you get started:

M - me

E - esn't

N - nriting

S - stuffuntilyoudoyourhomework

Until then, you may entertain yourself with this picture of my pretty shoes. They are my version of Dorothy's Ruby Slippers: