Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where is Britney Going?

Could someone please explain to me, who is in charge of the neverending roadtrip Britney Spears is on? I have never seen so many photos of someone exiting gas station restrooms. Ever.

The only time I ever use gas station restrooms, is when I am on a roadtrip of some sort. Otherwise, there are MANY more sanitary options usually available: restroom in house, restroom in friend's house, restroom in restaurant, restroom at Starbucks, restroom in shopping mall (yes, even these are better than the gas station). Where is this girl going, where the gas station restroom is the most appealing option?

Britney seems to have been en route from Louisiana to Oklahoma, while never leaving L.A., for about two years now. I'm no Danica Patrick, but that is some slow driving.