Sunday, September 2, 2007

Your Homework Assignments

I'm pleased and impressed that I actually got a response from a few of you this weekend. It is Labor Day, you know. You should really be sitting out by the pool with a vodka lemonade being served to you by a gorgeous MENS.

I am giving everyone an A+, and laughing that most of the responses started with "How About...". I should have turned in all my high school homework assignments like that.

My paper on 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X': "How about, Malcolm was this awesome leader-dude..."

Okay, so the shining stars in TravelGretta's MENS 101:

1) How about





2) How about..

M an

E quals

N ot

S ane/ensitive...

3) How about





And then, of course, my dad came through with this one:

"In the law mens rea is criminal intent.
Love, Dad"

While that is pretty funny and clever, I am giving my dad a C- as he did not follow the actual instructions in coming up with a definition for MENS, and also very obviously poached his answer from Elle Woods.

While the responses did not always indicate a fondness for the MENS, I would like to present to you another one of my celebrity crushes, Ryan Reynolds:

In addition to my constant, Luke Wilson, I do have other celebrity crushes. I just can never remember who they are, unless someone brings them up in conversation. Like, if I'm ever in a group of people, and the topic of "who are your Top 5 celebrity crushes" arises, I am always stumped for the other four, until people start naming guys and occasionally I'll go "Oh yeah - HIM - he's on my list too..." I am not very committed to the Top 5 celebrity crush game.

However, I loved Ryan Reynolds on "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place", when he was all goofy and skinny and funny. Then he got all buff and ridiculously hot (see above photo) and engaged to Alanis Morissette (which I liked, since she's a smart, talented brunette). And THEN they broke up, but he was still all buff and ridiculously hot (are you looking at the above photo again?), and then started dating Scarlett Johansson. Hmph.

He's back on my not-entirely-concrete, floating Top 5 list (when I can remember it), because of this recent quote regarding the excessive SWAG offered to celebrities at entertainment events:

"I have very little patience with all that stuff. It's pretty crazy. It's like, 'Why don't you go to the Prada tent, or the Adidas tent', and you're like 'Is this the free shoes for the rich program?' I don't understand. Why are all these people lining up? You made 20 million last year!"

M - magnificent bastard

E - exceeds

N - norms of

S - superiority

Buff, skinny, serious, goofy, whatever. More MENS like Ryan Reynolds, please.