Saturday, October 6, 2007

All Systems are "Stop" - Cubs are on

I'm supposed to be running errands and cleaning the apartment, but the Cubs are on TBS. And they're playing at Wrigley.

I am fairly girly in most respects, except for my undying love for the Chicago Cubs. If you have love for the Cubs, it kind of has to be the undying kind.

It is a challenging long-distance relationship we have, the Cubs and me, but we manage to make it work. Whenever I'm in Chicago (between April and October), I will go to a game; whenever the Cubs are on TV, I will watch. And that is pretty much the extent of it, since the Cubs don't spend much time emailing or texting.

I can't keep up with who is playing for the team, or being traded, or blah blah. I just love the team itself, regardless of who is a part of it (although I still miss Mark Grace). And I love sharing the team with others. We have an open relationship.

One of the best memories I have is from a looooooong time ago - at a post-season game in October. I had dragged my boyfriend-at-the-time, who was from Pennsylvania (and probably a Phillies fan or whatever), to a mid-week, afternoon game. The Cubs were playing the Houston Astros, and Wrigley was maybe 50% full. The poor Cubs were down by 6 runs at the bottom of the 8th inning, and everyone was resigned to finishing their beers/hot dogs/peanuts, and just passively observing the inevitable defeat.

Boyfriend-at-the-time turns to me and says "do you want to just go? beat the crowd?", to which I whipped around in his direction and snapped "you NEVER leave a Cubbies game early!"

(Ed. note: plenty of people leave the Cubs' games early.)

Five more minutes passed, and the Cubs were at the plate. Several rows ahead of us, a Superfan stood up - you know who I'm talking about:

The SNL Superfan sketch is supposed to be a charicature, but there are many, many guys in Chicago who look exactly like this. Dark sunglasses, baseball hat, mustache, beer-and-brat-crafted physique. This guy, beer in hand, turns around to face everyone in our section, and starts motioning with his arms and yelling 'EVERYYYYYYBODY UPPPPPP!!!"

And we obeyed.

And we all started cheering and yelling and whistling, and it felt like an earthquake in the stands. The guy at bat (can't remember - details fuzzy)? Smacked a home run out into the left field stands. We lost our shit. Couldn't find it anywhere. Weren't even looking for it.

We were stomping and clapping and screaming at the top of our lungs, and you could see some of the Houston Astros just looking up into the stands in utter confusion.

We kept this up, and the Cubs knocked in 7 other runs, and we ended up winning the game in an insane cacophony of excitement.

As we filed out of the stadium, all glowy and smiling and still cheering, I turned to boyfriend-at-the-time and said "And YOU wanted to leave EARLY". Neener neener neener, and such.

The headlines on the Sports Page the next day said "Fans Win Game For Cubs".

DAAAAAAA Cubs. I undyingly love them.