Friday, October 12, 2007

"Avid Traveler"

I have, on occasion, heard people refer to themselves as "avid travelers". This can be a bit dangerous, depending on who you are, and to whom you are speaking.

To, once again, call even more attention to that John Fitzgerald Page guy (it has now become like an "I can't stop looking at it" train-wreck of sorts - plus, he recently posted a response on his webpage, to everyone who had a reaction to his email response to the Little Girl. How do you say "adding more fuel to the fire" in an Aristocratic Dialect?).

Page lists "Avid traveler" on his About Me page:

"I am an avid traveler and have been to St. Thomas & St. John, Aruba and Zurich. I have lived in / visited almost every major city in the United States, having seen 38 of the 50 states."

I do appreciate any and all types of travel, and think it is great when others make it a priority. I just think it's a little funny when those-of-the-giant-ego decide to add "avid traveler" to their already-lengthy list of Astoundingly Amazing Accomplishments, and they've been to the Caribbean and one city in Europe, which was most likely a business trip (I'm speculating. I might be wrong. I know.)

I am reluctant to refer to myself as an "avid traveler", as it sounds so pompous, and alludes to my having visited every country on every continent in the world. I mean, I AM finally at Level 12 on the Traveler IQ Trivia Quiz game on Facebook, but...

I really just stick to saying things like "I LOVE to travel".

One of my friends, back in the days, answered a personal ad from a guy who called himself "Roaming Pangaea" - a nod to the the supercontinent (Wikipedia's word) that existed during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras about 250 million years ago, before each of the continents were separated into what we see today, when we're playing that Travel IQ game. (Pangaea below).

Roaming Pangaea, it turned out, had traveled to the exotic and far flung, remote, lands of California and Las Vegas, not to mention the numerous cities and towns he frequented in Washington State.

My friend re-named him "Roaming Tacoma".

I think, with any of your skills or abilities, it is always best to err on the side of humility. If you're THAT great, people will figure it out.